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Past Conferences

Since 1999, the Gerontology Society of Iowa has held annual educational conferences. Two conferences per year were held until 2002. It was then that the GSI Board of Directors opted to hold an annual educational conference each spring. This would allow members to focus on other fall conferences targeted toward the same audience.

In 2008, GSI became more directly involved with collegial, web-based conference activity and has been instrumental in the development of media to be shared with other organizations, bringing interest to the field of Aging.

Below is a historical listing of GSI conference topics.

2007 (Spring) — "Healthy Aging: There Is No Magic Pill"

2006 (Spring) — "The Changing Face of Aging: The Challenge of Cultural Competency"

2005 (Spring) — "The Next Generation: The Boomer Challenge"

2004 (Spring) — "End of Life: Understanding Diversity and Ethnicity"

2003 (Spring) — "Aging and Pain Management: Assessments, Treatments & Ethical Challenges"

2002 (Spring) — "Stress, Anxiety & Aging: Exploration and Challenges"

2001 (Fall) — "Type 2 And You: The Aging Diabetic"

2001 (Spring) — "Hidden Faces: An Exploration of Aging & Depression"

2000 (Fall ) — "Exploring Parkinson's Disease: Prevalence, Impact & Treatment"

2000 (Spring) — "Memory & Aging: New Perspectives, New Developments"

1999 (Fall) — "The Challenge of Longevity: Geriatrics & Ethics"